This section is intended to be helpful by protecting you along with myself with some helpful hints. Once you read this page you automatically agree to the policies laid out therein. I want to guide you towards having the best time spent in my company and to clarify my boundaries. These tiers are designed to give you an idea of what I expect from you and will help you decide if we would be a good match.


What To Expect

Boston is my home base but I do travel. I host in hotels or private upscale residences and amenities will vary upon location. As of July 2021, I will be making monthly features in select cities where I am being pulled to. Let me know if you'd like to plan something exclusively for a Fly Me To You arrangement.



You'll be most attractive to me if you are well groomed and display good personal hygiene. I highly recommend that you prepare to meet me the same way as you would for a hot date. Tell me I look nice, smile and be friendly. If you are nervous or embarrassed, tell me and I will help you overcome this. Being freshly shaven/groomed ensures that my delicate bits will not incur any damage during our meeting.



I work independently nor do I have an assistant. I am not affiliated with any agency so all your information is strictly confidential between you and I. I respect your privacy hope you will do the same in return for me. Please complete the contact form as it lets me know that you are indeed serious. This is to assure my safety. If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you. Your information is never saved or compromised and your patience will be rewarded.



These are genuine and actual photos of me. Please understand that when I have my face covered it is so that I will not be recognized and to protect my identity.



I will not tolerate insults, derogatory language, verbal/physical/emotional abuse, threats, intimidation or any malicious behavior. I kindly ask you to take care of me so that I will have fun in my part-time job. If I say no to a service, which I don't offer it means NO. I will not be struck. Should I be abused, I will undertake all necessary legal steps. Any unpleasant occurrences will be registered and sent to the blacklist.



You can rely on me for absolute discretion. Any data that is gathered for necessary payments will not be filed, electronically stored or used in any other way except for the purpose of handling the necessary transactions.



You can arrange an appointment with me by e-mail (preferably), booking online or by phone. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Did you meet me already & enjoyed our time together? If so, you are welcome to write a review on such related links on my website. My only request is that sensitive information such as location, my phone number, & etc stays private.



Yes, I give references as long as we've met in the past 90 days. I assert my right to withdraw any positive references or white listing at any time and for any reason. Receiving a positive reference from me is a privilege, not a right.



Whether you are meeting me at my place or I am coming to you, please do not make me ask for my donation. Should we be meeting in a public place, please be discreet with your gift presentation to avoid raising eyebrows. Please have my donation or balance thereof  pre-counted and placed in an envelope with the letter " K " written on it. I would hate for you to spoil things by attempting to enter into monetary discussions at any point during our time together. Such discussion may result in the immediate end of our meeting. I require that our agreed upon donation be handled up front before our date begins. I will then verify the amount begin an amazing date where you and I will both be flustered.


In the unlikely event where you are unhappy with me or my service please contact me immediately or let me know so I can interfere. After the appointment, I am not able to react, however any complaints are taken very seriously and it helps me improve my outstanding service and pristine reputation.